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New Horizons Learning Center Mentor Program

"Light The World ... Mentor A Child"

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The New Horizons Learning Center Mentor Program is supported solely by private funding from the local community. To make a donation, please fill out the Donation Form and mail to New Horizons Learning Center.
Your Support Provides:
Educational Field Trips
Tyndall Air Force Base Field Trip
Margaret Tidmore (far right) addresses veterans, mentors and students
at Clifford Chester Sims State Veterans' Nursing Home
Students imitate sea lion at Gulf World
Mentor and Mentee Special Events
Luncheon with mentors, students and parents
Mentoring Tools
John Lynch (center) with Paul Vecker and J.D. Nolind of Sheriff’s Office
Awards Program

In order to help our students succeed, the mentor program – solely funded by the generosity of our community – provides the following support for our students:


1. Selective dress. Uniforms for students, which includes pants, shirts, belts, jackets, and shoes.


2. Employment help. We have someone who is in charge of helping to place kids in the job market. We help with getting the students required uniforms they need to work at Winn Dixie, etc. We also acquire bicycle donations, for students’ transportation to their jobs.


3. Books.We buy specific books and supplies for the mentors and teachers to use with the students, to prepare them for educational field trips, provided through the mentor program.


4. Reward items for the students. We use the behavior reward system, levels 1-4. As the students reach certain levels in their academics and behavior, we purchase rewards for them.


5. Food items.Many of our students take meds and need a snack to take with their meds. We keep a pantry of healthy breakfast bars, crackers, and juice when the need arises. At times, a student will miss breakfast because of an appointment or missing the bus.


6. Graduation.Some students cannot afford to pay for their graduation caps and gowns, shirts, etc. We use donated funds for this.If funding permits, we try to have a graduation event for our students, such as bowling or skating. Parents and mentors are always invited to these events.


7. School Store.As much as possible, we donate items to the school store. The students use the points they earn during the week to purchase school supplies, activity books, etc. in the store.


8. Educational field trips. Field trips provide extraordinary motivation and incentive for our students to get on level and to stay on level, so they may participate in these educational events.Our mentors encourage the students to believe they can indeed overcome obstacles in order to attend a field trip.The mentors read specific books and materials with the students, to prepare the children for the special event, which also builds their confidence and vision.When the day of the field trip finally arrives, words can’t describe the energy and excitement of the students who achieved this privilege.Most of the mentors are proud to accompany the students, who have repeatedly shown exemplary behavior on these field trips.These real-world experiences are a highlight of our mentor program, which prove that when a mentor believes in a child, the student begins to believe in himself, and behaves as a mature young adult.We show the student a bigger part of their world, and they begin to believe they can be a productive part of it.


News Stories about some of our amazing Business Partners:


Bonefish Grill on 23rd Street Donates Mentor Luncheon

May 28, 2010