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New Horizons Learning Center Mentor Program

"Light The World ... Mentor A Child"

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Where Is New Horizons Learning Center Located?
A. From Hwy. 77, turn east on Baldwin Road at Haney Technical Center. Take first left onto Minnesota. We are on the right, next to Mosely High School, across from Renegade Sports Center and UPS.
Q. What are the grade levels of students at New Horizons Learning Center?
A. New Horizons Learning Center is for special-needs students in sixth grade through high school.
Q. What is a typical mentoring session like?
A. Plan to spend 30 minutes to one hour with your student.
  • Tell the office staff the name of your student so they can page him/her.
  • Sign in at the front office in the Mentor binder and put on your nametag. Check for any announcements in the binder.
  • When your student arrives in the office, you may take him/her to the Mentoring/Community Center (where water, juice and light snacks are available), the library, the cafeteria, the outdoor basketball court, or anywhere on the school grounds.
  • Sometimes your student will simply want you to listen while he/she talks. Or, you can read together, using books from the Mentor Room library or the school library. You can shoot some hoops together outside. If your student has achieved the next level, you may want to bring a lunch for a reward. (Please only do this as a reward, to make it special for the student.) These are just some of the things you can do together. Remain flexible and attentive to your student's needs.



Q. What time can I come to visit my student?


A. Any time during school hours, between 8:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Be sure to call the school ahead each time, to make sure your student is there.



Q. Should I be concerned about safety issues?
A. Common sense should be your guide. Students will usually respond according to your expectations. Expect him/her to treat you with respect, as you do the same for your student.
Q. Do I need to meet any special qualifications to be a mentor?
You need to be 18 years of age or older. The application you submit will be sent to the Sheriff's Office for a background check. You will be notified when a student has been selected for you.
Q. What is the best thing I can do in mentoring my student?
A. Simply showing up will be the best thing you can do for your student, which shows him/her that you really do care.
Q. Are my donations to New Horizons Learning Center tax deductible?
A. Yes. Simply retain the contribution donation form you receive from us, acknowledging your donation, for your tax records.
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